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Preserving your memories for the future to come.

Ever since I was little, I've loved movies. I wanted to be a movie maker when I was younger, but I've realized now what I want to do more: I want to preserve at risk media.

Most people don't know this, but with each passing year, VHS and Betamax tapes decay more and more, and with enough passage of time, there will no longer be any working machines to play back important home movies or historic events.

That's why I've decided to preserve as much

analog media as I can, as small and unimportant the material may seem to be in the long run.

My Setup

These are the tools I use to make 20+ year old footage presentable in the current year.


I have three DVD recorders:

one for NTSC video, one for PAL & SECAM video, and a dedicated player used as a time base corrector for more stubborn footage.


The video files are taken directly off of the disc in lossless mkv quality.


Manual deinterlacing and restoration is done in Shotcut, and exported at high quality.

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