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Listed below are several of the services and work I offer.

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Video/Data Transfers

I can transfer and back-up many formats, including: VHS, Betamax, Laserdisc, Video CD, and CED.

In addition, I can backup particularly brittle and at risk data formats, like photo CDs, and floppy discs.

Audio Transfers

If you have old vinyl records that you don't have a player for, or would like the music on a more convenient format, I can easily transfer the music to a CD or music file that can be played on a computer or home video system.

Video Services

If you only want a certain section of video off of a tape, I'm able to edit down the footage as desired by the customer: audio and video enhancement is also available.


Photo & Film Transfers

I can transfer mounted slides,

35mm negatives, Super 8, and standard 8mm film

Customer Testimonials

"If you're looking for a local resource to have your videos or slides transferred to DVD or USB, give Van a call at Rocky Mountain Video Services, 970-275-2193.

He just transferred all our old Super 8mm movies and VHS tapes to USBs and we are VERY pleased with the results. He's professional, reliable, tech savvy

and reasonably priced."

- Sharon Watkins

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